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Why Is It Necessary to Follow the Instruction for Use?

A risk caused by a missed dose of a drug can be serious. Now you will learn why you should never miss a medication and how to keep to instruction for use. Sometimes it’s hard to remember how you lived before taking the pills. Every day you look at the calendar, where there is a schedule when you should take the medication. You may be worried about the side effects and you just want to drop everything or at least take a break.How to Take Medications in a Correct Manner_

What are the circumstances of missing medications?

Medications do not work for those who do not take them

What is the result for patients with arthritis if they miss the reception? -deterioration, increased need for medical care and hospitalization. Mistakes in treatment lead to further destruction of the joints. The consequences are a decrease in function, an increase in pain, a decrease in the reduction of work opportunities and independence.

Let’s look at a condition like rheumatic arthritis, which is not treated with medications. If patients do not take medications properly, they will observe the progression of symptoms, more drops and a decline in their ability to keep the active lifestyle they want. And if you cannot move and take part in life, you may start suffering from depression.

Why may drugs be ineffective?

There are 3 obstacles defined by Secure Tabs to the effectiveness of drugs: price, a complex mode of application, and faith in drugs.

The higher the cost, the fewer people take their medicine. If you pay out of your pocket and do not see the result, then you are disappointed.

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For many people, the difficulty is to remember taking the medication during the day – or even put it in priority. This is especially problematic in people with additional problems, such as depression, dementia, or the need to take care of someone else’s life.

Many people with arthritis must take medications to treat other conditions. People get tired of chronic diseases. Constant reminder and control of the disease require a lot of energy.

Injecting antirheumatic drugs such as disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs adds problems. It is painful and difficult. You cannot blame those who would like to take a break in treatment.

Some prejudices against drugs also interfere with following instructions for use. People may be afraid of side effects or think that this medicine does not work.

They may also believe the false information they receive from friends, family or the Internet. If they think that the doctor prescribes too much, then they can refuse to take them.

Preparing for the reception mode

No one can argue that the reasons for missing an application are very common. But there are also many reasons – first of all, health and harmony – to work in order to overcome the barriers you face.

If you are one of those who does not take medications as prescribed, think about why you are doing this. If you cannot afford to buy because of the high cost, side effects or doubts about the effectiveness or even that you do not trust the doctor, talk frankly with him about it. He should offer you a replacement, a lower dose, give advice or information about how this drug will help deal with your symptoms or even find a way to change your lifestyle in such a way as to stop taking the medicine.

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How to comply with the regime

Collect accurate information

Patients should be actively involved in the treatment process. Ask your questions when visiting a doctor. If something is not clear, then ask for clarification or read additional sources.

Do not tolerate side effects

Your doctor should offer you a similar drug that does not cause side effects, or show that they decrease significantly when the body adapts to the drug.

Ask about long-acting drugs or combination products

They may or may not be superior in cost, side effects and effectiveness, but they may not be taken as often. In general, a simpler mode is observed much more often than a complex one.

Use notes

One of the reasons why people do not take medicine is because they have forgotten whether they have taken them or not. Researchers found that older people could better remember when they were doing their usual task — taking a medication. Other tricks include tablet organizers, calendars, computer cues, medication diaries, text messages and diagrams.

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