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Why Are Medicines So Cheap In India?

Why Are Medicines So Cheap In India

It is indeed true that the cost of many drugs is significantly lower in India. The thing is that India specializes in the sale of generic drugs. What are generics? How do they differ from branded medicines and should we buy them? Let’s find it out with Secure Tabs’ information provided below.

What are generics?

Generics are drugs that have an identical composition with “original” medicines, however, their cost is much lower. If you see two identical drugs at the pharmacy but one of them costs less, then you will take it, won’t you? An expensive box next to it is the same “original” drug. They have the same composition but their cost varies by several bucks. There are many such examples. Each branded drug that you have seen a lot in advertisements necessarily has a cheaper generic produced in India. You might think that this is a fake product but you are completely wrong. Generics have nothing to do with this category of goods or generally with any form of violation of the law. Companies have a license to produce such products, and their chemical composition is equivalent to the drug that serves as a real brand. In this case, the reputation of the company will not be damaged.

How is price reduction achieved?

The generic manufacturer offers such drugs at a lower price since their production is not expensive. It turns out that the organization is provided with a formula, according to which specialists release medicines. They do not have to think up anything or bear the costs associated with clinical trials or an advertising campaign. This is the main reason for the low prices of generics. However, a generic manufacturer does not offer handicraft products. The company must necessarily prove that its equipment fully complies with FDA industry standards. Therefore, you can buy generics from India without fear of anything. You will get the most effective and high-quality drugs, the guarantee of which is confirmed by relevant certificates.

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Buying generics from India is not only the key to your savings but also peace of mind for your own health.

So, if you wait until the patents expire, you can buy a quality alternative at a more affordable price. Their reduced cost in comparison with the originals is justified by the fact that the manufacturer no longer needs to spend money on their development, they work with the finished medicinal product, so there is no need to spend huge funds on research. As a result, generics are much cheaper but their production is carried out on similar equipment and in accordance with the same standards.

Secure Tabs offers a wide range of cheap generics from India. All products have the necessary certificates and fully comply with industry standards and requirements for the production process. You can safety purchasing medications from us as your identity will be under reliable protection.

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