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Kelsey McAllisterKelsey McAllister

Kelsey McAllister is a distinguished pharmacy expert with over ten years of experience in pharmaceutical quality assurance and management. Holding a Master’s degree in Pharmacy, her career encompasses significant roles in clinical environments and health system management. At Secure Tabs, Kelsey oversees the stringent quality control measures that ensure the safety and efficacy of all medications offered. Her leadership extends to educational initiatives, aiming to enhance patient knowledge regarding pharmaceutical care. Kelsey’s expertise not only upholds the high standards of Secure Tabs but also contributes to its reputation as a trusted online pharmacy.



Dave HowellDave Howell

Dave Howell is an accomplished pharmacologist with a robust background in the research and development of therapeutic drugs. His professional journey includes over fifteen years of experience with various international pharmaceutical corporations, during which he has been integral to the development of new medications. At Secure Tabs, Dave is responsible for product selection and procurement, ensuring that only the highest quality medications are available to customers. His profound understanding of pharmaceutical regulations and commitment to excellence are vital in maintaining the integrity of the pharmacy’s offerings.



Mindy FowlerMindy Fowler

Mindy Fowler is a clinical pharmacist with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and more than a decade of experience in diverse pharmacy settings. At Secure Tabs, she specializes in medication therapy management and provides detailed consultations to ensure patients receive optimal treatment outcomes. Her responsibilities include advising on drug interactions, side effects, and compliance with prescribed therapies. Mindy’s expertise and meticulous attention to patient care enhance the therapeutic services provided by Secure Tabs, affirming its commitment to superior customer service.