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2016-2020: Stages of Secure Tabs Development

2016 – Wide range – freedom of choice

This period of time, our company closely monitors the latest pharmaceutical products and developments. We are constantly enriching our assortment, focusing on the basic needs of customers.

Now, our customers can:

  • take advantage of the professional help of a pharmacist and select a top-quality analog.
  • buy products at much more reasonable prices.

This year is known due to its effective collaborations with certified Indian manufacturers. We deal only with manufacturers that meet the requirements of the Indian FDA. Our main aim is to provide customers only with high-quality generics that bring more benefit than harm.2016-2020_ Stages of Secure Tabs Development

2017 – Establishment of new price policy

Price is the key for attracting much more customers. We worked out a pricing policy that fits both: us and our customers. We reduce expenses for transportation due to the purchase of new machines. We have an idea to expand our warehouse but it will happen soon. New collaborations also gave us a chance to decline the price for some assortment.

We have done nothing special but really make our customers happy with the rates we have now. We believe this price decline helps us make more people healthier.

2018 – International delivery may be even greater

Secure Tabs expands the borders of delivery. We enlarge the list of countries we ship parcels. Later, our destinantion included only the United States of America, Mexico, South America (some countries). But at the right moment, we have created a whole network of delivery points. We started to accept orders and bring parcels from the most remote areas.

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We also start offering our customers an option of free delivery. The more you buy the greater the chance to get free shipping. Get acquainted with the free delivery options visiting our service page.

2019 – Security measures

Secure Tabs does its best to ensure customers 100% security. We use special secure services that are intended to keep customers’ personal data safe. We value our reputation that’s why we try to apply all measures we have to keep personal data from unauthorized access. We also ensure our customers that we do not trade, distribute, copy or transfer customers’ personal data except for some legal requirements.

One of our objectives is to create a secure, 100% safe network helping people to buy medications for different diseases’ treatment. You may be sure we have worked out such a system that is effective in achieving the very goal.

2020 – New era of Secure Tabs

This year main objetive is to create a profound, secure, effective customer care service. We have planned this service is one of the main significant. People always have so many questions of how to make an order online, whether their data are secure, whether they buy top-quality medications. Nowadays, there are so many services not even online that offer fraud meds.

We hope we achieve this goal and establish customer care separtment with the most relevant info got by our customers.

This strategy plan is no way complete. We hуму planned to continue developing our service further on. We believe you will acquire a good healthcare provider – us!

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