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Rating of Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

According to statistics, every second man over the age of 45 suffers from problems associated with sexual life. Malnutrition, bad habits, regular stress and poor ecology are the main causes of erectile dysfunction. Erectile problems affect not only relationships with women but also the psychological state of a man. Possible impotence inspires insecurity and horror for men. Since the problem is delicate, not everyone consults an andrologist or urologist but trusts in advertising and reviews of close friends about various drugs designed to improve sexual life.

Modern medicine and scientific research do not stand still. To date, there is a huge amount of drugs to increase potency. Most drugs can be purchased at a pharmacy without a prescription but you should remember that self-medication can aggravate the disease. Before starting treatment with medications from Secre Tabs, it is important to know the cause of the disease. We compiled a rating of the best drugs for potency based on reviews of men and recommendations of doctors.

Top 3 best drugs for erectile dysfunction

Rating of Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

1. Viagra

Everyone has heard about Viagra (sildenafil) which today is often prescribed by sexologists to correct an erection. It is a safe and inexpensive male drug that acts on the cerebral cortex and the cavernous bodies of the penis, which increases blood pressure in the vessels.
Take one tablet 20 minutes before sexual intercourse – and your possibilities in bed will increase significantly! The duration of the drug is up to 4 hours!

2. Cialis

Cialis is a “long-playing” remedy, the effect of which lasts for 36 hours! The exact time may be slightly less or longer, depending on individual characteristics.
Cialis contains the active component tadalafil, which helps to achieve a natural erection when you want it. By the way, for especially demanding men, manufacturers have developed Cialis Soft – convenient lozenges that do not need to be washed down with water.

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3. Levitra

A remedy with vardenafil in the composition is not suitable for everyone: it may simply not be able to cope with severe violations of potency but the initial manifestations of erectile dysfunction are eliminated quite effectively.

The mechanism of action is similar to other stimulants: vasodilation, activation of blood circulation, the occurrence of tension in the penis in the presence of sexual arousal. Levitra does not act instantly but half an hour after administration, the duration of the effect is up to 5 hours. The main benefits of this drug are a minimum of contraindications and side effects.

Dangerous combinations

Do not take drugs from the same group (Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are all PDE-5 inhibitors);
Do not take sildenafil with nitrates;
Refrain from drinking alcohol during treatment.

Rules for choosing a drug for erectile dysfunction

  • Think about how much you are ready to spend to buy a potency medication (sometimes it is better to buy a quality generic than the original drug);
  • Decide whether the quick effect is important to you or if a course of treatment is possible;
  • Decide on the composition;
  • Consult a doctor;
  • Take drugs that are not addictive and have certificates of quality;
  • Buy an ED trial pack with a few various drugs if you are initially unsure of the effectiveness of the product.
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