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Generic vs Brand: Which Drug to Choose?

Generic vs Brand

The modern pharmacological industry contributes to the constant flow of all kinds of drugs manufactured by world-famous brands into the pharmacies. Active advertising in the media, bright packaging – all this makes drugs very popular, and brands of world-famous manufacturers are almost a 100% guarantee of efficiency. Therefore, wealthy people who care about their health pay large sums for brand-name medicines without hesitation. But what to do if you count every penny and you don’t want to get sick? There is a way out – you can use generics.

What is a generic drug?

Generic is a copy of the original patented drug. 20 years after the production of a new medication, the company enjoys the exclusive right to release it. After that, other companies can sell generics. A copy of complex drugs called biosimilars.

What is the difference between generic and original drugs?

There are no significant differences in efficacy and safety. These drugs contain the same active ingredient but different auxiliary substances.

Why are analogues cheaper?

In most cases, generic drugs are sold at a lower price, because their manufacturers do not invest in the search for new, effective and safe molecules. Those who are engaged in such research increase the price to cover the expenses for the development of new drugs and for research.

Often the original drugs are expensive, and their monopoly lasts a long time. Due to production difficulties, biosimilars are not much cheaper than the original products.

How much does a quality generic cost?

The final cost of generics is often influenced by market conditions. In this case, too little price causes experts suspicion. If the original drug costs $50 and a generic costs $5, the question arises: “What did the manufacturers save on?”. Savings usually come at the expense of substance, quality control, or the labor of people.

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Is it worth buying generics?

Doctors recommend not to be afraid to do this. If there is no difference in the effect of the drug, then you can save on the price. It is worth buying the original if we are talking about a drug with a so-called narrow therapeutic index. These are cases when a small dose change may result in no effect or poisoning.

How to choose a generic drug without a doctor?

If you need a non-prescription drug, you can choose it yourself. To do this, you may visit an online pharmacy and place an order within a few clicks. You can review all drugs with the required active substance. Or you can find the name of the medicine by the commercial name in the city pharmacies or pharmaceutical websites.

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