Work Incentives Counseling Initial Training Program

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July 11 - 15, 2016

Baltimore, MD

Registration is now closed for this training.

Initial Training Program Description

The Work Incentives Counseling Initial Training program is based on a comprehensive set of competencies that community partner staff must acquire in order to achieve Community Partner Work Incentives Counseling Certification. The interactive training session is designed to provide participants with a basic understanding of the following:

More detailed information on the session content is provided in the Initial Training Course Agenda: Word Version    PDF Version

The Work Incentives Counseling Initial Training is conducted over a five-day period. Individuals will be provided with an extensive Initial Training Manual and reference materials, as well as tools to assist them to continue to learn skills and technical information that are essential to providing effective and efficient services as Community Partner Work Incentives Counselors. Please note: This is an intensive training that will require considerable preparatory reading. Participants must attend and participate in all sessions!

Work Incentives Counseling Initial Training: Eligibility and Registration Priorities

  1. To be eligible to participate, community partner staff must commit to full participation in all components of the Work Incentives Counseling Initial Training and Certification process, including:

    • Pre-Training Orientation Conference Call the week prior to the scheduled training.

    • Attendance and participation in all five days of the Community Partner Work Incentives Counseling Initial Training classroom session. It is not an option to attend only certain days of the training session, or partial days.

    • Participation in the two-part competency-based Community Partner Work Incentives Counseling assessment and certification process.

    Part One of the certification process takes place in the six-week period immediately following completion of the initial training session and involves completing a series of online competency-based assessments in Blackboard Learn – a web-based learning system.

    NOTE: The Part One assessment process takes, on average,25-45 hours of time over the six-week period. Participants should plan to budget their time accordingly, and if you do not feel you will be able to devote the time to complete the entire process, please cancel your registration as soon as possible to allow others on the waiting list to have a chance to attend.

    Part Two of the Community Partner Work Incentives Counseling Certification process immediately follows the successful completion of the Part One assessments and requires submission and successful review of three Benefits Summary & Analysis reports. Participants will only be granted Community Partner Work Incentives Counseling certification following successful completion of this case review requirement.

  2. A total of 35 individuals will be approved for participation in each initial training session. Registrants will be confirmed according to the following list of priorities:

    • SSA Demonstration Project staff

    • Staff of organizations or agencies that are an Employment Network

    • Staff of community partner organizations or agencies who are pursuing training and certification in order to provide work incentive counseling services as part of a coordinated state or local network

    • All other community partner staff (Priority given first to partners located in the state, then SSA region where the training is being conducted. All others prioritized based on date of registration.)

  3. There is no registration fee for community partners approved to attend the Work Incentives Counseling Initial Training. All approved participants, however, are responsible for their own travel, lodging and meal expenses.

Important Considerations Related to the Registration Process

All community partners wishing to participate in a Work Incentives Counseling Initial Training session must register online using the links provided for the initial training sessions in the calendar above.


Instead, once registration is closed for a particular initial training session, the registration requests will be prioritized and all individuals notified via email as to whether or not their participation in the requested session is confirmed.

Upon confirmation of your registration, you will receive an email message providing detailed information on training session logistics.

Any questions or support needs regarding registration for the Work Incentives Counseling Initial Training sessions can be directed to Julie Schall at 804.827.0741 or

To view a list and access recordings of our Archived Trainings, please go to:


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