Pickle Screening Tool

The Pickle Amendment requires that an individual is to be deemed an SSI recipient (which in many statesmeans automatic Medicaid eligibility) if he or she:
1. Simultaneously entitled to receive both Social Security [Old Age, Survivors or DisabilityInsurance (OASDI)] and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) in some month after April 1977;
2. Is currently eligible for and receiving OASDI;
3. Is currently ineligible for SSI; and
4. Receives income that would qualify him for SSI after deducting all OASDI cost-of-living adjustments (COLA) received since the last month in which he was eligible for both OASDI and SSI.

Screening for Medicaid eligibility under the Pickle Amendment is quick and simple. The screening process will eliminate the great majority of those who are not eligible without the necessity of performing any mathematical calculations. For those who survive the initial screening and for whom mathematical calculations are required, the table below provides a simple formula for performing the necessary calculations.